Ties Are Still In

In actual fact, they’ve always been in. Over the years, numbers may have dropped. But over these same years, there have always been those dashing young men and their senior counterparts who have continued to selectively weave a tie round their well-defined necks for the purposes of honoring certain times of the day.

Over the years, these fine men have been setting trends of their own. As it is human to be so, these men are all unique individuals. They have their own style and way of presenting themselves to the business and social worlds. But while they may have been able to grow their wardrobe of unique ties, there are some things unique to the craft of wearing ties that never change.

Some men prefer tying their knots in the classic Windsor style. While others have a preference for Cambridge or Oxford knots. These may be preferences, but the manner in which they knot their ties also has something to do with their unique physiques. Thickset men with heavy necks do well to use the Windsor knot. While men who are blessed with slim lines can knot their ties otherwise. Also, these men do remember the required length of their ties.

At its correct length, finely crafted ties should sit just slightly over their belt buckles. A square or rectangular buckle is preferred if dressing formally in a suit and with matching dress shoes, with square toe, to boot. Ties hanging way over this length or to chest or rump height are, otherwise, just plain ridiculous and quite untidy. But then again, men who have a preference for wearing ties as part of their daily dress routine, already know how to dress quite properly.

unique ties

And so there you have it. Ties are still in.