The Importance of Protective Eyewear When Riding a Motorcycle

Your eyesight is important to you, so why wouldn’t you protect your eyes when riding a motorcycle? Unlike a car, motorcycles lack the protection of the metal enclosure, leaving riders at greater risk of injury and accident, particularly those involving the eyes.  Protective eyewear is no longer the unsightly glasses or goggles that you remember from long ago. Today there are many comfortable, appealing options in protective eyewear.

Without protective eyewear when riding your bike, you could experience:

·    Objects flying into your eyes

·    Eye discomfort from the sun, wind, fumes in the air, etc.

·    Blindness due to injury

motorcycle gear

·    Inability to drive

This is just a few of the potential dangers that you face when riding a bike without protective eyewear in use. It simply isn’t worth the risks when eyewear is so affordable, fun, and beneficial.

There are a few different types of protective eyewear that can be used to protect your eyes when riding a motorcycle. This is one of the most important pieces of motorcycle gear that you can purchase. Consider the options and decide which style you’re most comfortable using and then be sure to purchase quality eyewear that protects your eyes!

Eyewear protection options include:

·    Motorcycle Glasses: Glasses are preferred by most drivers. They fit snugly, made of shatterproof materials, and are aerodynamic.

·    Motorcycle Goggles: Goggles are better at protecting the eyes than glasses. They wrap around the head so they do not come off and completely cover the eyes.

·    Shields: A helmet shield is not eyewear but is an accessory that protects your eyes that is definitely worth the investment. The helmet shields add an added layer of protection where it is needed the most.

Choose the eyewear best suited for your needs and protect your eyes when riding a bike.