What Is A Cisco Router?

Have you ever wondered if someone else is on your network, with out your knowledge, watching every site you visit or stealing account information from your GMail or bank account?

But that’s not all there is even more of a security issue involved than you may think. Your computer network may be setup to share file and printers. This could be a big problem if any of your systems are sharing anything sensitive that you would want to keep from others. Things like your email and or bank information tax software or any other highly personal data. If it was just your neighbor you may not be as concerned, but it is not. Anyone that is in the vicinity with a notebook PC can gain access to your shared files. It could be someone parked in the street or sitting on a bench across the road from your house. These people could be browsing through your computers shared files like they owned them.

When done go online connect wireless router setup to the internet Open Internet explorer or Firefox etc any web browser that you have. Type ‘’ (without quotes and as it is) and hit the Enter key on the keyboard, you can visit http://www.192168-1-1.info for more router information.

Well there is the short and simple way and then there is a moderately easy way. The short and simple way to deal with a lost wireless password is to do a hard reset on your wireless router. This will allow you to reset the router to factory settings regardless if you have the password or not. Most wireless routers will do a hard reset if you simply hold the reset button for about 30 seconds. You will most likely need something long and thin like a safety pin or hairclip to press the hard reset button. If you don’t press and hold the reset button long enough then you will simply make the router turn off and turn back on with the same settings.

Once the IOS is found, the router looks for a valid startup configuration file. By default, the router will look for the startup configuration file in Non-volatile RAM (NVRAM).

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You construct confidence by working with real Cisco routers and switches. Would you need the Tremendous Bowl to be the first soccer sport you ever actually played in? Of course not. Then why would you’re taking router configure exams and be nervous about having to create a VLAN, or troubleshoot an OSPF configuration?

Netstat shows you the type of connection (TCP or UDP), IP Address and port number (number after addresses separated by a colon) for both Local (your computer) and Foreign addresses.

Now you will reach the web page. The first step you need to take is to check the status of the IP address. Click on the status icon and look for the IP number series. If you find the address has been allotted, you can connect it to your computer.